Kuntao Silat Kali Hawaii


The pictured gentlemen have spent the time, have been tested and remain in good standing to teach DAMASOC Principles in the Mustika Kweetang Silat First Level Format. Each has spent an amount of time to become proficient in this portion of DAMASOC, and have reached the RED SHIRT Level, recognizing them as assistant instructor.

All Instructors with KSK Hawaii & the DAMASOC System are taught to relay all of our Mustika Kweetang First Level information, with the purity & accuracy as it was taught to them. In accordance with the wishes of our teachers, and the teachers before them, we do not change or modify any of the base teachings. All instructors are encouraged to relay their own flavor & flare within the teachings upon delivery of the "TOLIN" (pure) stylings. This is to ensure the integrity of the Silat Ideals & the chain of custody over the years.

"The best way to learn is to teach"

Being an instructor in an art such as this makes you walk a fine line between teacher and master of abuse. To have your students smile, while they are being used to demonstrate painful techniques, becomes a fine art. I have several men who have been with me for ten years and more, and I appreciate you all ! If it hurts, it means I love you, and my hopes are that you never have to use these skills on someone you love. You are the backbone of what I know, and I hope you have received as good from me, as I have from you.

Dana J. Mattos

Dana J. Mattos - DAMASOC FOUNDER, Lead Instructor

Started with Silat studies in 1990 with Dr. Bahati Mershant , in the study of Mustika Kweetang first & second level, Mande Muda's variety of flavors, Kuntao DeThouars, & Sayoc Kali. Dana past a Mustika Kweetang first level test in 1991, and started asst. teaching with Dr. Mershant until 1996. Continued to attend classes through 2000 when Dr. Mershant believed it was time to release Dana to Full Instructor & open the door of his own school with his own flavoring.

The Birth of the DAMASOC System, and Kuntao~Silat~Kali Hawaii, as a school began. DAMASOC has developed over the course of the last 23 years with the unique blend of information accumulated from Dr. Mershant & all of the Teachers on our teacher's page. I thank Dr. Bahati Mershant for the opportunity to meet all these men, learn from them, be approved of by them, laugh, cry, eat, sleep with them.


DAMASOC  ~ Direct Aggressive Multi Attack System of Combat

                                 Only found on the Big Island of Hawaii

Christopher Kelau Jr. - Red Shirt, Assistant Instructor

Started Silat training in 2008 after meeting my Senior Instructor, Dana Mattos in a music class our children were attending. Never had heard of Silat until that point in time. I tested almost two years later, Nov. 27th, 2010, and graduated up to Assistant Instructor in DAMASOC. I continued to train until 2012, when I relocated back to my hometown, Hilo, to attend College. Dana, My S.I. told me " it's time for you to find your own students to teach, & continue your learning ". That same year I took on three brothers and taught them Mustika Kweetang applications. I also met another Silat Practitioner, Kylie Alba, of VDT. Serak Silat, exchanging ideas of " what Silat is, and what we thought "Silat" can mean. Fast forward ...................... 2022, KSK / DAMASOC and I have a connection of 12+ years & is my main pillar & foundation in Martial Arts as a whole. I am also currently a student in Yglesias Arnis FMA, also a Blue Belt BJJ student at Shoot Hawaii Dojo under KUMU Jazz Kaiwiko'o Yglesias.

To all New and Returning Students ............................................................. "There is no such thing as too much, only lack of wanting more".

Mahalo & Welcome to KSK / DAMASOC

Kirk Henry - Red Shirt, Assistant instructor


Keith McKeon - Red Shirt, Assistant Instructor


Mark Axelson - Red Shirt Status Pending