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Mustika Kweetang Silat

A product of Dr. Bahati Mershant via Mr. Jim Ingram, I was tested by both men and given the go ahead to initiate my own school, and bring in students. All students are put through one year of these teachings before moving onto more extreme regimes.

                Weekly Class Time

As stated above, First Level Mustika Kweetang is taught and is usually the main topic of study each week. The beginning through the advanced are taught to continue & refine the ideas of this base in DAMASOC. 

Classes are 2 hrs. In length , 6-8 pm on Wed nights. $50 per month, due on the first Wed. of the month. 

                Specialty Workshops

Several times a year, different groups are interested in cross training, or simply are looking for some diversity in skills, ask for a longer training time covering specific ideas. Our group will come together and practice some brotherhood & sharing in a given venue to expand the influence of the DAMASOC idea. 

Usually 4-6 Hours for an agreed upon fee.

Topics include : Harimau, Cimande, Kuntao Concepts, Advanced Mustika Kweetang, Sayoc Kali Concepts.

           Private Class Instruction

There are arrangements for individuals or small groups, maybe family members to arrange a private class time, which can be one & done, or repeated for as many classes desired. Customer can ask for specific information & time spent.

This option is $50 per hour, and can be split through as many as four individuals. More than four requires another $25 per hour, up to eight individuals. Over eight persons is $100 per hour.

How Do I Join ?

Contact Info :

Dana J. Mattos - Lead Instructor

(808) 640-7789 Cell


We in The DAMASOC System welcome New Students, and all Teachers & Students alike team up to bring new trainees up to speed. We do not want to keep you in the dark, stifle your growth, or keep you from exploring the ideas given in class. Our efforts are purely to help you become efficient at protecting yourself & your loved ones as quickly as possible. There are some standard time frames that will be given to the student for advancement, yet those can be passed by, given prior experience with martial arts training, fitness levels, and comfort in the movements & techniques.

Class Site:

81-965 Halekii St., Kealakekua, Hawaii. 96750

On the Big Island of Hawaii

Mailing Address:  P.O. Box 1767, Kealakekua, Hawaii. 96750

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81-965 Halekii St. Kealakekua, Hawaii 96750

+1 808 640-7789


WED : 6-8 pm