Kuntao Silat Kali Hawaii

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Instructional Workshops on the teachings of Mustika Kweetang Silat - Level One.

  • From strong experienced martial artists to the beginning students, Mustika Kweetang First Level can be an eye-opening experience into the raw, unabridged world of Silat reality. What may be standard practice for most martial arts becomes a hard-hitting fact in a world of violence. The idea of a weapons art, being put to practice in the western world sometimes doesn't sit well with most. "There is no silat without a knife"! While the beginning students are given the modified techniques, that are weaponless, it only takes a quick flip of the switch and those will also work with the blade. While most arts try to fit their information to the audience age, status, experience, etc. DAMASOC brings the reality of extreme violence into view & how to deal with it, right to your doorstep.

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