Kuntao Silat Kali Hawaii


Pictured left to right

Dr. Bahati Mershant #1 - Tenaga Tiga

Herman Suwanda #2 - Mande Muda Silat

Thomas Kier #3 - Sayoc Kali

Jim Ingram & Bahati Mershant #4- Amerindo & Tenaga Tiga

Uncle Willem DeThouars #5 - Kuntao Silat De Thouars

These men have been instrumental in my instruction, learning, guidance, & involvement within the martial art community. Answering questions, smoothing my rough points, keeping my head on straight, and being a wealth of knowledge. I have nothing but Honor & Respect for their time on earth, and the time I have been able to share with them.

Thank you Gentlemen !

Salaam & Hormat