Kuntao Silat Kali Hawaii


Recently added component is the addition of online classes via ZOOM

ZOOM meetings were implemented due to a couple of reasons :

  1. The proximity of students outside the Big Island of Hawaii.

  2. Covid 19 restrictions.

Students will need to be able to work from a device that will allow enough viewing capabilities to interact during class time.

KSK will allow a two for one, when it comes to class dues. In person class time is $50 per month. Zoom meetings are particularly difficult alone, as there is no physical interaction for the student. So, a training partner is imperative.

When signed up, these partners will find a device and an appropriate training area to use. Both will need to submit e-mails to be used to have ZOOM Meeting links sent on a weekly basis. ZOOM Meetings are started 1/2 hour before class to answer any questions students may have. A Student registration form & a medical waiver need to be submitted before any training is to begin.

 ZOOM Meetings are $50 per month for 2 persons

 See contact info on HOMEPAGE to set up ZOOM Classes.